Engraving is a time honored method of personalizing your prized guns permanently and beautifully. Joe DePasquale is skilled in all aspects of this craft including traditional scrollwork, lettering, illustration and inlays. See the GALLERY page for several examples. 

Joe DePasquale:
The first step to having a custom gun is a phone call or an email. After our initial conversation I should have a solid feel for the type of shooting or hunting you enjoy & what effect you are looking for on your gun. We will also discuss pricing guidelines to establish an agreeable target budget.

Step two is a sketch. With this first draft we will have an idea of the overall design of the project. How long will the work take to complete? It will vary on the complexity of your job, and my work load at the time. I tend to do the most work during the long, cold Maine winter.

Give me a call & we can get started on your custom project!

You can customize your gun without spending a lot of money to engrave every surface, just engraving the trigger guard or the top lever can make your gun stand out from the rest of the crowd. Starting at $125.00

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Joseph DePasquale Firearms Engraving
PO Box 227, (36 Peninsula Road) Prospect Harbor, Maine 04669